Low buy year

At the end of 2019, I was determined to go on a low buy year for 2020 and that still is the goal. Yet as of now I feel like I’ve been failing tremendously, I’ve purchased items, but I have also withheld from purchasing items.I was tell myself do you really need this, will you use it,or will it sit in your closet.The reason for the low buy year was one, I feel I have an issue purchasin items, I love to dress up dont get me wrong but it currently feel just a tad to much.I have downsized but not enough where I feel happy with .The other downside is I love all the stuff I have but I also feel like some of my stuff isn’t what I want.I know super confusing.To keep my self in this low buy year here are some of the rules I plan to follow and hope they are helpful if you are trying to achieve a low buy year your self.

1. buy experiences
2.cut back on eating out to three to four times a month
3.only necesistes when it comes to clothing
4.no random buyings
5. gifts are find
6 repurpose or resell unused items
7 budget
8 refelct on purchasing and ask yourself is it worth the hours you’ll put in to pay for it.

As I move into the weeks ahead I hope I will be working more thoughtfully towards my money, I also will invest more time on youtube (towards money related and low buy channels for tips and tricks)



So we are heading to Honolulu and yes, i’m ditching the cold and raining weather north california has to offer, I booked a trip to Hawaii when I wasn’t feeling my best but here we are ready to go and leave everything behind and enjoy 7 days on an island.My budget is tight but we made it thru. We arrived to Hawaii , and in that moment I really needed some sunlight the weather back home had been quiet shitty. The first two days the sun was in our favor we hiked and had loads of shrimp gosh I love the hawaii shrimp , driving around the island and enjoying the sunshine was fun. My favorite was spending time just looking at the waves I can truly say that’s something I enjoy oh so much.My sister and I had endless desserts during our stay in Hawaii we literally turned ten shades darker but we did a lot of exploring I’d like to say that it was something I needed.I did a lot of reflection and gosh I came back peaceful.The seven days in Hawaii the weather overall was literally all overall the place we stayed on the budget we say we came and explored I saw things I didn’t see before and even though at times I was tired I was home sick I still managed to make the most of my hawaii trip stay tune for my next post on my favorite things and must things see in hawaii while on a budget.


I’m grateful for many things in the pass year I’ve changed so much and it’s become a struggle I wanna shed light on the demon of social media gosh I love Instagram but god it’s so toxic.Its my highlighted life.

I’m grateful for having a roof over my head and health and a career that I learn and grow on a daily.

I’m grateful for a close knit family and a bicthy brother that can be rude at times

I’m grateful for the places and ventures I’ve acquired recently

I’m grateful for not giving up on me when I wanna Give up

I’m grateful for my boyfriend because he’s so great and I can’t help but wanna see his handsome face from Monday to Sunday 😊 and keep our relationship ours

I’m grateful that even when I’m stressed and sad I can cry to my best friend

I’m grateful that I can run and workout

I’m grateful that I’m working towards a healthy soul and mind❤️

Night world !

15 things I learned on a 24hr turn around flight

So I literally flew into Orange County and flew back to Sacramento all within 24hrs a dream really lol but I learned a lot in just one day.

1.being uncomfortable is okay on this flight everything about the flight made me uncomfortable especially the scheduling and thinking of the logistic that had to take place in 24 hrs

2. Having extra time on your hands is always okay

3. I caught a taxi from the airport to hotel solo

4. I took a Uber alone at night scary not gonna lie but my drivers were smooth sail

5. I sat at a bar alone (fuck and no one talked to me just the bartender to ask if I wanted more soda 😫)

6. I shameless ate my steak at the bar like it was no ones business

7. On my flight to and from I sat in the middle seat on my way to I sat between two big dudes and I survived

8. Sometimes you have to talk to strangers and it’s okay

9. A smile can change your mood guy behind while boarding my flight smiled at me cause the lady way way behind us was saying some outrageous stuff not to wanna laugh so smile it was

10. I’m picky as fuck with food which makes me feel ungrateful and a bratty 28yr old kid

11. You can still get a workout while waiting for lay overs walked 3miles in the airport

12. If family is close take the time to see them 2hrs doesn’t hurt no one…seen my cousin and caught for a catch up

13. A change of scenery can always motivate you

14. Getting drove around is nice but also not I felt boogie and useless

15. I spilled my drink on my flight home and man it made me so sad 😭(story on that later)