Low buy year

At the end of 2019, I was determined to go on a low buy year for 2020 and that still is the goal. Yet as of now I feel like I’ve been failing tremendously, I’ve purchased items, but I have also withheld from purchasing items.I was tell myself do you really need this, will you use it,or will it sit in your closet.The reason for the low buy year was one, I feel I have an issue purchasin items, I love to dress up dont get me wrong but it currently feel just a tad to much.I have downsized but not enough where I feel happy with .The other downside is I love all the stuff I have but I also feel like some of my stuff isn’t what I want.I know super confusing.To keep my self in this low buy year here are some of the rules I plan to follow and hope they are helpful if you are trying to achieve a low buy year your self.

1. buy experiences
2.cut back on eating out to three to four times a month
3.only necesistes when it comes to clothing
4.no random buyings
5. gifts are find
6 repurpose or resell unused items
7 budget
8 refelct on purchasing and ask yourself is it worth the hours you’ll put in to pay for it.

As I move into the weeks ahead I hope I will be working more thoughtfully towards my money, I also will invest more time on youtube (towards money related and low buy channels for tips and tricks)